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Global movement
«World Map»

Welcome to the website of the Global Movement “World Map”!

The Global Movement “World Map” is a creative festival route through the countries of the world. This is the largest event aimed at strengthening interethnic peace and harmony in society. «World Map» is a fascinating journey through the expanses of the Earth, getting acquainted with its gifts, traditions and customs of numerous peoples, it is a space of creativity, healthy lifestyle and careful attitude to the natural resources of the planet.

There are about 8 billion people of more than 2000 nationalities on Earth. We differ in skin color, languages and culture of communication, traditions. But regardless of our origin, we all want to live in a prosperous world where there are no wars, racial discrimination, where children do not know hunger and live without fear. Creating such a future for children and passing on the ability to be friends to other generations is the responsibility of the entire world community. Therefore, supporting the Global Movement “World Map”, you are helping to stop military conflicts and develop friendly relations between the two countries.

We have chosen creativity as the language of international communication. Without dictionaries and special knowledge, art can express many things and support each other. Our meetings are only positive and bright emotions.

 Let’s create together the atmosphere of a big common holiday of friendship without borders, make this world cleaner, safer, kinder and decorate it with children’s smiles!

Join the Global Movement “World Map”!

Sincerely, the Organizing Committee of the Global Movement “World Map”.